Revealing the corruption of our democracy


Australians are getting fed up with so much corruption and Government collusion with the mining industry. Our very way of life and health is being threatened. Our rivers, water supplies, farming lands and regional communities are all under threat.

In 2014 we are joining other groups like Lock the Gate Alliance, Our Land Our Water, Our Future and Greenpeace to help stop this destruction of our environment and the corruption of our democracy.

“If we can’t understand the policies and the programs of our government, we cannot grant our consent.” Edward Snowden

About Us

We are uncovering widespread Government corruption and collusion with the mining industry in Australia.  Our primary aim is to provide a secure and anonymous platform for members of the public, mining industry staff and Government employees to leak important information which reveals corruption. See

We are now taking anonymous submissions.

We are using Bitdrop as a way of defeating surveillance by the NSA and others. The Bitdrop mobile app uses “zero knowledge privacy” – it allows users to initiate transfers from the firm’s upload portal after scanning a QR Code using a dedicated app running on their mobile device.

Our Secure Platform

Please note that we will not be storing any documents on this site or on this hosting account.

  1. This site is for information purposes only.
  2. All files sent to us will be hosted on a secure encrypted server platform.
  3. Anyone submitting material to us can do so 100% anonymously and safely

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